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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Use Digital Ltd (UD ) are search engine optimisation specialists. What that means is that UD design and rewrite websites with search engine optimisation at the forfront of all design and copy decisions.

"search engine optimisation" is a technique used to increase the likelihood that any search engine will rank your website at higher than other websites in its listings.

A real testament to UD 's website optimisation skill is the fact that you have found this page.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a defined set of methods aimed at improving the number and quality of visitors to a website from "natural" or "organic" search engine listings.

Search Engine listings are the preferred way to generate website traffic. This is often called pure search, organic or natural search. They are prefered over pay per click search as internet users click on natural search results before sponsored links.

Search engine optimisation specialists can be classified into two sections. Companies who are forever chasing the search engines and trying to react to changes in Search Engines Algorithms, and experienced companies like UD who focus on developing websites, with lasting marketing benefits.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and advanced search engine artificial intelligence now means that results obtained using "hardcore SEO techniques" are extremely short term and often cause more damage than benefit.

UD achieve this by establishing "trust" within the search engines (see gates360). This equates to long term success. Our best example of this is one of the fist websites UD optimised This website is still ranked on the first page in every major search engine for the keyword interior design. (click here for proof)

Now more web pages in the world than there are people, search engine optimisation is becoming more and more relevant.

Even the best designed site offering the greatest products or services will not be found, if nobody knows it exists!

With Search Engines receiving an estimated 90% of all Internet traffic, to be successful, it's critical that your website is optimised.

Our expert Search Engine submission service will submit your website once to only the major ones like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is a free service and takes seconds.

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How much does it cost to optimise my website?

All of UD 's search engine optimisation packages focus on careful analysis of rankings and competitors, and include both on and off site optimisation.


The benefits of organic search engine optimisation (also known as SEO) far outweigh the intial investment.

  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Long term growth in site visitors
  • Increased sales or leads









search engine optimisation

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